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October 26, 2016

Last night my friend and I went to Together Live in Denver, along with over a thousand other women and a few brave men. It was breathtakingly inspiring, mostly because of the headliner Glennon Doyle Melton, author of the wildly successful book Love Warrior. The point of the whole event was to take advantage of this chaotic, divisive political climate, and use the contrast to launch a collective dream of inclusive community on a grand scale, where differences are cherished, and love reigns. Many things were said that pierced me in that place of truth, but one idea that Glennon offered stands out. She said we are all here to Create and to Serve. And many people ask her - how do I know what I'm supposed to create or who I am supposed to serve? The answer lies in two important questions to ask yourself: 1. Who are you envious of? Whose work can you not bear to look at because you wish you had done it? That is what you are here to create. 2. What breaks your heart? Is is oppressio...

October 5, 2016

There is nothing like basking in the last golden rays of sunlight before it dips behind the mountains here at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. I have recently moved from Boulder to Longmont, which is only 15 miles north, but I am given at least another half hour of late sunlight, since Longmont is further from the mountains. Recently I discovered a magazine - it's more like a book really - called Bella Grace that is filled with these kind of warm glowing photos that make you want to wrap up in your favorite shawl and sip some Early Grey. It inspired me to walk outside and see what I could find before the sun went down. I remember what I was thinking when I snapped this photo: My life is so very beautiful. Within that pure moment of being human -standing in the warm glow- I felt connected to all things. And that felt really good.

I collect these kind of moments like seashells or garden gnomes, and tuck them away for times when I am sad, hopele...

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